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Destination Wedding Adventures

The Wanderlust is real...

Being a destination wedding photographer is pretty damn exciting, to be honest. You know what’s awesome? The fact that you’re considering me to photograph such a big part of your love story adventure. That’s an incredible honour – thank you! Without doubt, I love to travel. Every time I get in my car/on a boat/in a plane, I’m buzzing with anticipation. Traveling to many parts of the world, quenching my thirst for amazing new stories and dreams. My first time on a plane was at 7 years old, destination: Jamaica. I’ve gone back at every opportunity, for more adventures. My feet have been restless ever since…Austria, Thailand, America, Canada, Germany, Spain, Egypt, Greece, France, Holland – the list continues to grow!

Destination wedding photograohy - Jay Emme Photography

Destination Wedding Photographer

When I arrive at your chosen overseas destination* for your amazing wedding, I’ll be there a day or two prior to the main event. I like to do this because it gives me a chance to acclimatise, check out my surroundings and locations, and most importantly, settle into a comfortable environment with you. Because I’m there a little earlier, I’d love to offer you the chance to experience being comfortable in front of the camera with me; at your location, a day or two before the wedding. Destination wedding photography isn’t just about the wedding day itself. It’s those exciting few days leading up to the day, too. Family and friends arrive, pre-wedding parties take place, and you relax before the fun really starts. We can go wherever you like, and do whatever feels comfortable for you. But at the end of the day, we start your amazing wedding photography as soon as possible, so you can get the best (and the most!) out of the fab services I can offer you.

And what happens on the day?

On the day itself, I start when you start, and rarely finish before you finish. I love a good party, and so I’ll be photographing plenty of the awesome stuff happening after your first dance. Any excuse for some dance floor fun! Using my awesome “ninjographer” style, I will capture your whole day as it unfolds, as naturally as possible. For your portraits, we will take a little time out from your guests, have a little breathing space, and the two of you can enjoy each other. And I’ll capture that exactly as it happens. Need a little guidance in front of the camera? That’s no problem – I can help and guide you as much you need, so you can relax.

You can get in touch to receive a lovely wedding brochure with more details. And then? We can have a chat about the awesome party you’re planning, and how I can help you capture every single brilliant memory.

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