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About me…

Girl Ninjographer. Brilliantly bonkers. Awesome wedding photographer. Camera-obsessed geek. Bacon Lover. Wedding Junkie. Just a few words and phrases which have been used to describe me.

I’ve never been very good at these “About Me” pages – they kind of remind me of all my quirky traits. And then I wonder if I should talk about how I like to “travel with my camera and capture all things marvellous”. You know, some real serious, deep, and meaningful stuff.

And then I remember that, actually? I’m having too much fun to stay serious.


Fine dining. Chocolate truffle coffee. Five Guys (omg those cajun fries). Silver jewellery. Lush. Lovely friends. Hula hooping. The Smalls. The Mr. TBBT. Driving (anywhere). Unicorns. Laughing out loud. Wagamama. Portobello Road and Fever-Tree. Vintage film camera geekery. Crocheting tiny things. Cuddles and hugs. Labyrinth. Dubstep. Knitting. Champagne. Travelling around the world. Politeness. Kraken rum. Dancing. Massages from my chiropractor. Charmed (not even sorry). The sea. Classical music. Bacon and egg cupcakes.

This list is most definitely not exhaustive.

Claims (Good and Bad):

Been on Blue Peter! Stroked Bonnie the dog. Have a Blue Peter badge somewhere on my desk. Squealed and professed my love to Philip Schofield when I saw him at the studios. Performed in the World’s Largest Orchestra. I can crochet a mean Pokéball. I do impressions of Pokémon with Little Small (he’s marginally better than me, dammit). Once I ate 14 rashers of bacon for breakfast, nothing else. Managed to embarrass Gordon Ramsay and one of his chefs (turns out, they were new to the phrase “mouthgasm”). Had tea with the Lord Mayor and Mayoress of Sandwell, when I was 4 (they were awfully nice, you know?).

Jay Emme & The Smalls

It’s safe to say, I’m far from dull and traditional; my imagination is fuelled by my 2 adventurous and creative boy kiddos, aka The Smalls. They help me remember the importance in laughing, fun and adventure. Like they do, I dream big and enjoy every moment I can.

Quite regularly, we’ll be learning “how to train a dragon”. Or rebuilding Lego City/Ninjago (depending on what day it is). Maybe we’ll be  destroying and rebuilding all manner of intricate Lego creations. Occasionally, we’ll be practicing Pokémon impressions. Little Small (6) does brilliant impressions, for the record. Big Small (8) builds some crazy detailed Lego stuff.

They’re a bit eccentric, and hilariously funny! Quite often, they’re insanely bonkers. NO IDEA where the hell they get that from. Ahem.

Back then...

I started playing the cello when I was 6 years old. She (my cello, “Chloe”, for the record) and I became very attached from incredibly early on. In fact, I professionally went on to do all things music and cello related for the next 28 years. That was an AMAZING time. I travelled the world, played with professional orchestras, taught and was taught by incredibly aspiring people.

I stopped playing right before Big Small was born. It was amazing how many things had changed in my life, right around that time. Did I miss it? Yes, without a doubt. For a long time it felt like someone had taken away my limbs, or stolen my voice! So I started playing again back in October 2015 after an 8 year break. This time, easing myself in on a semi-professional basis…it feels blummin’ great, like a pair of squishy slippers.

...and now.

Sooooo…after Little Small was born, it dawned on me how much I was into photography. It had always been there – even on orchestral tours, I’d be snapping photos when I wasn’t playing. Fast forward a few years and I was invited on the off-chance to second shoot a wedding. Since then, I’ve been more hooked than a hooked thing on Captain Hook’s hook. I literally just cannot get enough of what I do right now – it makes me smile.

Something like this.

Girl Ninjographer. Addicted to Weddings!

It’s the truth. I’m addicted. You know when people are all, “oohhhhh I love my job!!!!” but you know that deep down they would jump at the chance to do something else instead? Nope. Not me. I could do something else, but it would have to be alongside my wedding photography. I love the friends I make, the memories I capture, the stories I retell. I love connecting with people, helping them feel at ease so that can just enjoy everything.

I revel in the honour of sharing in such an incredible day that means so much to you.

Cheesy? Maybe.

Truth? 100%.

{ Photo credits: Adrian Jones, Erica Ward, Nelson Rocha }