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Hey gorgeous!

(Yes, of course mean you.)

One of the best things about your wedding day, is that it’s going to be a huge chapter in your brilliant love story.
And THAT is why you’re looking for an amazing wedding photographer – someone to capture this significant part of your gorgeous love story.

But….maybe you are camera-shy and unsure of what to do with yourselves? However, you want to have wonderful memories, luxurious photos, and perfect reminders of a brilliant day without the photographer getting in the way. (I’m known to specialise in making  that happen for you – clients have called me The Ninjographer for a long time now). You want your brilliant day captured with ease, and to have stunning photos to show anyone and everyone who stands still long enough to take a look.

You’re fun, adventurous, full of love and excitement, and want a photographer who is a dream to work with, and delivers above and beyond your expectations.

I’m fun, adventurous, full of love and excitement, and know exactly how to photograph your wedding.

And that’s a perfect match.

We’ll show Tinder how it’s really done.

Louise & David holding hands in Hatton Warwickshire on their Wedding day

Why You Can Trust "The Ninjographer"

The ideal person to photograph your wedding, would be someone like your best friend, with the skill, knowledge and understanding of luxury, creativity, and style. They let the story unfold naturally, and support you every step of the way. And they do it, without getting in the way. They're an awesome guest, someone you TRUST, they LOVE what they do, and they happen to be an awesome photographer. Good news - I understand entirely, so that's exactly what I do.


My style, vision, and passion (aka "my wedding addiction")

I’m a “hybrid” shooter, meaning I shoot on digital and analogue film cameras. I shoot luxury wedding photography stories on film cameras, with a bold, beautiful colours. Nothing dark and brooding, because that's not how you envisage your wedding. I never get in the way, but I DO help you through those slightly awkward photography moments!

I'm a bit passionate about what I do! How can I not be? Weddings are an absolutely goddamn AMAZING event to witness. I bloody LOVE what I can do for my clients. (Being a wedding photographer just one of my super powers.)

So...don't be afraid, don't be nervous about choosing your wedding photographer. Be EXCITED, be HAPPY, be REASSURED that you're making the best choice for you. There aren't many other wedding photographers who will share those feelings with you!

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