A sneaky day off at Kenilworth Castle

An afternoon out at Kenilworth Castle! Every so often, the rare opportunity arises for me to escape everything for an hour or two, and disappear with my camera. It’s a rare occasion, as I spend an awful lot of time in front of the computer or with The Smalls! But needless to say, when I do go, you can guarantee I will have my camera with me.

I planned to meet a friend at English Heritage location Kenilworth Castle, after a pub lunch in a brilliant little pub called The Famous Virgins and Castle. What I didn’t realise was that it’s the oldest pub in Kenilworth. Result! The plan had been to find a location for some scenic photography, though I confess, I like to have more subject matter to photograph. Maybe that’s why I love photographing people and “things” so much? Anyway! The pub itself was perfect – fab ales (big, big fan of ales and bitters!) and a bacon, chicken and cheese toasted sandwich. Well I had no intentions of complaining at all. Kenilworth Castle was right up the road, so this seemed like the perfect place to have lunch. And it was.

After dragging myself off the comfy chair (and away from the temptation of a second pint), we headed up to Kenilworth Castle and gardens and had a stroll. I loved the brickwork of the structure, and couldn’t get enough of the textures everywhere. I also couldn’t help but slip into work planning mode, and visualised locations where pre-wedding photo shoots might happen. I also loved the “graffiti” carved into the walls, giving so much character to everything we saw.

It wasn’t the best weather, but autumn colours were definitely in full swing. And besides, when you’re looking to escape for a couple of hours, you’ll take whatever you can get!

Kenilworth Castle

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Wow, what a spot! You really can visualise the pre-wedding (and even wedding) shots there 😀

Great isn’t it Hilary? I’d quite like to shoot a couple in that pub. 😉 x

Emily Leary

I am jealous of your photography skills. Like dry mouth, aching teeth, DAMMIT I WANT TO BE ABLE TO DO THAT jealous. So now you know. x

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