Alternative Pregnancy Photography – Rebecca, Solihull

I LOVE NEW IDEAS. “Alternative pregnancy photography”? Yeah, I’m in. None of the pretty belly button hearts, no soft focus, no “cleaning everything up”. I’ve been pregnant twice, and I’ve photographed ladies who have had many more than me. And you know what? Every single one of them was gorgeous. I’ve grown tired (in just about every aspect of photography) with how we’re “supposed” to look in front of the camera. And when you’re pregnant, most of you will have have ankles, ripples where you don’t want them, a puckered belly button, boobs the size of footballs and lord knows what else to deal with.

And personally, if I’m going to do any pregnancy photography, (and not just “alternative pregnancy photography) I’d rather do it and she be entirely happy and comfortable. Ironically I think they and up looking more fabulous than some of the *ahem* “twee” stuff. And that’s just what happened with Rebecca. She let herself go, and quite frankly I think she looks amazing. I may have shouted “BOOYAH” at some point during the day.

Now, Rebecca knows I’m a teeny bit bonkers. So when she told me her house was pretty much a building site, only half built ready for their new arrival, I damn near squawked with excitement (I DID squawk, to be fair). “Uh…do you want to pretty it up?” I asked her.

“No. Let’s keep it real,” she replied.

And that’s just what we did.

Rebecca B, Solihull Pregnancy photography, Feb 13-3 Rebecca B, Solihull Pregnancy photography, Feb 13-8 Rebecca B, Solihull Pregnancy photography, Feb 13-9Rebecca B, Solihull Pregnancy photography, Feb 13-39

Rebecca had shown me around her house *cough building site cough* and there was one room which I damn near fell in love with. She had said she wanted to vamp the session up like Liza Minelli. And lord knows that’s exactly what she did, right in the bare bedroom.

Rebecca B, Solihull Alternative pregnancy photography, Feb 13-33

No no, I mean REALLY vamp it up.

Rebecca B, Solihull Alternative pregnancy photography, Feb 13-15Rebecca B, Solihull Alternative pregnancy photography, Feb 13-32Rebecca B, Solihull Pregnancy photography, Feb 13-20Rebecca B, Solihull Pregnancy photography, Feb 13-30Blummin’ love that girl I do.
Alternative maternity photography, Alternative pregnancy photography

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Corinne Jennifer Hills

I love these so much!

Becca Masters

these are awesome!

Mum Childpatch

these are lovely, fab.


Unbelievably lovely. Amazing.

Jenny Beirne

Wow! great what great photos (especially love the cross legged pose, holding bump & looking down) she looks so happy. Wish I’d had pictures taken when pregnant.

Kelly Clapperton

Great set of images Jay. Such a yummy mummy!

Andrea Ellison

bloody hell woman….how to rock a bump shoot!

Conscious Mum


Absolutely love these pictures. You are certainly talented.

A Very Curious Wedding

Great fresh approach to pregnancy photography. Luvs it I do x.


best pregnancy pictures I’ve ever seen. Wish I’d had some of my bumps now…

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