BEST Wedding Videographer – Papertwin Weddings. (FACT.)

I have to share this.

So, there’s an AMAZING testimonial (which I still cannot wrap my brain around) which came from Sophie and Matt. I photographed their wedding, and as can see, she mentioned Papertwin Weddings. I’ve worked with them NOT NEARLY enough times now (twice with my own weddings? Possibly once whilst second shooting?) and I cannot, CANNOT express how much they bring additional joy to a wedding when they are around.

I’ve watched this video MANY times, and it’s one of my dream weddings. Not because of the decorations, not because it’s in a beautiful location, but because of the couple. Because their genuine love for each other is INCREDIBLY powerful. 

I don’t cry at weddings; I’ve had to make that my own personal rule (I need to maintain a reasonable amount of control!). But this video…well. I need to calm down a wee bit before I watch it again. 

This isn’t a plug. This isn’t one of those “oh you should totally go and book blah blah” posts. 

This is one of those “if you want REAL stuff, REAL weddings…if you don’t give a shit about the decor and the trimmings…if you want real, human, honest, raw emotion, you’ll find it right here.” 

As ever, it’s an honour and a pleasure to work with The Papertwins (as they are now affectionately known), and I’m immensely glad to be an integral part of someone else’s hugely significant story. 

Damn. I frigging love them, AND I love my job. xx

(Make sure you click HD, yeah?)

Sophie and Matt – Highlights Trailer from Papertwin Weddings.