Ditch Your Photo Shoot Fears!!

You know what I hear, soooooo very often, when it comes to photo shoots?

“But…Jaaaaaaayyyyyy…I HATE the cameraaaaaaa!!! It makes me look blummin AWEFUL.”

And then you know what I hear AFTER the photo shoot?

“OMFG Jay. I…I look UH-MAZING.”

And then people ask me what kind of voodoo magical device did I use, and I did get bored working so hard in Photo Shop. (Hahah! No. And also, no.)

One of my specialities when it comes to photographing people, is helping them ditch their fears of being photographed. I coach them through their session, making sure that they feel completely relaxed and at ease in front of the camera, rather than have them worry about all the things they don’t need to worry about.

It got to the point where I couldn’t actually get around to helping everyone, for simple reasons like time allowance, and well, people booking a different photographer! (And then coming back to me afterward saying that they were upset with their photos which they didn’t like…and that’s NEVER a good thing.)

So, I created two things which have been incredibly useful for many people. First of all, I currently have…


Ditch Your Photo Shoot Fears Workshops

You can book onto a workshop, and pick up all the tools you need to feel awesome and confident in front of the camera. You may be getting married, but you know that your wedding day won’t be the first (or last) time you may need to be in front of the camera. The useful info you will learn, will go forward with you to help you in future similar scenarios. Confidence can be a very versatile thing, and once you’ve harnessed it in one aspect, you can use it in many other ways.

That might include saying your wedding vows, standing up and giving a speech, having to perform in some way with your heart on your sleeve…being able to ditch your fears and harness your confidence is an amazing skill to have.

So the workshops are available in a number of formats, depending on what suits you best. And of course, you’ll get a photo shoot with a selection of your favourite photo prints – an awesome reward for pushing yourself that wee bit further! Head on over to the site to read a little more about the Ditch Your Photo Shoot Fears Workshops.

Don’t have time for the workshops? No problem. That’s why I wrote this book for you…


Ditch Your Photo Shoot Fears e-book

It’s bloody awful to feel pressure leading up to your wedding day (or ANY portrait photo session) when you know that you’re genuinely loathing being in front of the camera, and you’re not entirely sure you can turn to your photographer for help, advice, or support. And you’ve left it too late to find a coping mechanism, or you know, anything that will help you retain your sanity.

This book is written from the perspective of someone who spends a good deal of time behind and in front of the camera. So in short, I hear where you’re coming from, and know your fears very well indeed.

Ditch Your Photo Shoot Fears
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This awesome e-book is loaded with hints, tips, tricks, and advice to help you not only get through your photo shoot but also feel completely confident, relax, get the beautiful/awesome/fantastic photos you desire, and most of all, enjoy it. 

Some very lovely people said…

As a photographer I am behind the camera a lot. I know how to put people at ease so they look and feel natural and relaxed in front of the camera and it shows in my photos. Stepping in front of the camera though is a whole different story. Suddenly I feel awkward and lanky, nervous and unattractive. I become painfully aware of my love handles, little flaws and wrinkles. My face immediately contorts into expressions that my 4 year old son would find hilarious but isn’t exactly flattering. This happens always, without fail, as soon as a lens is pointed at me. Suffice it to say, I feel about as photogenic as a walrus and I don’t love having my photo taken. Enter this amazing book, written in a voice that is so welcoming, and suddenly I feel confident that I too can look human and even perhaps attractive in a photograph. Thank you Jay for this wonderful gift of confidence. I cannot wait to have a shoot and to shine in photographs the way my couples do.

Maria Assia


I hate having my photo taken…hate it, hate it, hate it with a passion…. but flipping heck …I LOVE this book !!! As I was reading it I was actually filled with “OMG this is actually ME” thoughts…I kept thinking why?? Why am I so scared …. are fluffy kittens going to really self combust ?? Lol NO !!! NO!!!! NO!!! Thank you Jay for the steel toe cap hidden in your fabulously written fluffy slipper kick up the bum … I hear your voice saying every word and I actually think I want my portrait doing…I have put it off too long!

Andrea Ellison


I am so excited that this book exists! Both as a person who dreads having my photo taken and as a photographer trying to get other people to stop dreading it! I will absolutely be recommending Ditch Your Photo Shoot Fears to clients and friends alike, and will be utilising Jay’s tips on my shoots! Thank you Jay for creating such a fantastic tool!

Natalie Jeffreys-Jones

The book is currently available as a download for £10, and is viewable on any device which can read a pdf (I’ve made it as easy as possible so there are no excuses). There are chapters covering just about everything you need to fight the fear, and nail those dream photos you’re after. And of course, you know that you could be saving yourself hundreds (maybe thousands?) of pounds on photos you don’t like, just because you took the first step in bringing out your inner awesome.

Still not sure this book is for you? (Really?) Then I’d love to give you a whole chapter, for free.

Yes, for free. And you can download your free chapter right here.

And if you’re not sure whether the ebook or a workshop is the best way for you, you are always welcome to get in touch for more help and advice.

Have a happy photo shoot!