Family Lifestyle Photography – The Kendrick Family in Eastbourne, Sussex

This family lifestyle photography session actually happened a few months ago. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy family lifestyle sessions, and it’s good to do something different to wedding photography.

Mary (aka @MamaCrow) and her amazing family, are just, well, amazing. Mary was pregnant with her 7th baby at the time. Seventh. Now, I can barely deal with my two crazy kiddos at the best of times, but watching Mary at 7.5 months pregnant, along with her brilliant partner Ed, manage their beautiful and very close knit family, was all kinds of special.

Anyway, I travelled all the way down to south coast Eastbourne for their family lifestyle photography session. Somehow managed to end up staying in the only vegetarian hotel in the WHOLE of Eastbourne. Needless to say, I am NO vegetarian. Note to self: liase with The Mr when booking hotels… Anyway; I was lucky enough to be staying RIGHT on the sea front, just mere minutes from the Kendrick family home. On the morning of the shoot, 17th November (remember all that crappy rainy weather we were having?), well. It was beautiful, sunny, clear blue skies, and warm.

Mum and daughter on the beach; Eastbourne beach

Family fun on the beach; Eastbourne pierDaughter on the beach; family lifestyle photography, EastbourneWarm on the beach; family lifestyle photography, EastbourneChildren's portraits; Kendrick Family Lifestyle photography, EastbourneThe Eldest; Kendrick Family Lifestyle photography, EastbourneFun and reflecting; Kendrick Family Lifestyle photography, EastbourneSearching for stones; Kendrick Family Lifestyle photography, EastbournePebbles and discovery on the beach; Kendrick Family Lifestyle photography, EastbourneKendrick Family Photography, Eastbourne, Nov 12-48Cuddle time; Kendrick Family Photography, Eastbourne, Nov 12-40

After having a ton of fun on the beach, trying to skip stones (my stone skipping skills suck, but I’m pretty sure Saurus, the oldest of the family managed 7 skips…) and having the waves chase us across the pebbles, we headed back to their house for some lunch. It was so cool seeing them in their home, working together, enjoying themselves, being an eclectic mixture of lovely, crazy and relaxed.

The family home; Kendrick Family Photography, Eastbourne, Nov 12-52Time for lunch! Kendrick Family Photography, Eastbourne, Nov 12-62Family time; Kendrick Family Photography, Eastbourne, Nov 12-60

I’ve never tried any kind of “documentary lifestyle photography” before, but I’d say that this was pretty close and I really enjoyed it. You can view The Kendrick Family’s +Client Site here, which tells you all about their fabulous family, as it was, at the time. Thank you so much to Mary and Ed for asking me to do their family lifestyle photography session! I hope to come back soon.

I’m also VERY PLEASED to tell you that Mary gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy (nicknamed Trojan Hero. Awesome.) on the 15th January, weighing 8lb 10oz. Congratulations, Kendrick Family! xx

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Claire Penn

LOVE these…. especially the little boy throwing something into the sea…. beautiful… they will be STOKED. xxxx

Sadie Brooks

she looks so relaxed and well lovingly motherly!

Zoe Barrie

OOOhhhhhh gorgenessesssssss EVERYWHERE – love love love – what a beautiful memoiry of such a lovely family xx.

Andrea Ellison

these are simply lovely…they are not just close chick…they ARE x.

Nicola Thompson

This is indeed lovely xx.

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