Worcestershire Indian Wedding Photographer

Shooting film Indian wedding photography has a lush, unique quality you just can’t get with digital. You know you want something different, something better than everything else you have already seen. You want something which is completely unique to you, which suits your brilliant style and personality.

You are also well aware of how long the day can last when it comes to Indian wedding celebrations. Maybe 12 hours, often 15, sometimes moire – y0u want the peace of mind that your photographer will not only last the whole duration, but also appreciates that shooting a long and full day, is part and parcel. The reassurance of knowing that your photography is covered from start to finish, is truly important.

I confess; I have a huge love of Indian weddings for a few reasons. First of all, the amazing cultural traditions are incredible to watch. The Doli during a Sikh wedding is incredibly moving, whilst the Saptapadi during a Hindu ceremony can be so incredibly lovely. Then there’s the incredible rainbow of colours, as seen via the beautiful saris and lush decorations. And then comes the dancing…possibly some of the most brilliant disco dance floor moves I have ever seen have been at Indian weddings! For the record, I’ll be right there with you, dancing with my cameras in my hands…

Worcestershire Indian Wedding Photographer. https://jayemmephotography.com Photo by Jay Emme Photography

Worcestershire Indian Wedding Photographer

I decided it was about time we got to see the softer, more relaxed side to Indian weddings, especially during the day. You’re already under so much stress and pressure – why should the photography add to that stress? (Tip: it shouldn’t…) There are so many different styles of wedding photography available, and Indian wedding photography is often an incredible style of its own. I’ve crafted my own style specific style as an Indian wedding photographer. Looking at things from a different perspective is great, so I can offer something a little bit different.

My style when it comes to shooting Indian weddings is incredibly laid back and relaxed. Most importantly, it’s great fun. There will be loads of laughter and giggles, and we’ll step away from the traditional Indian wedding photography you’ve seen so many times before. Your day can become increasingly stressful, so I do everything I can to help it run as smoothly as possible. Just like me, any Indian wedding photographer will know and understand that they need to fit in well, and be able to co-ordinate what’s going on as smoothly as possible.

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Bespoke Film Indian Wedding Photography

With Indian weddings being so steeped in amazing tradition, it’s easy to think that your photography for the day must also go the same way. Truth be told? Nope. It can be completely different. I shoot parts of the ceremony on analog film cameras, maintaining laid back weddings, but still quite easily keeping up with everything which is going on. It’s all about that certain bespoke quality to your photographs. You know that you want your photos to be the best of the best, and having a bespoke service can help make that happen.


I’m a Worcestershire Indian wedding photographer, but have been a photographer for Indian weddings in Cheshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Birmingham, and London. If you want to know more about making a booking for your wedding, whether it’s a Sikh wedding, Muslim wedding, Hindu wedding, Asian wedding, or a fantastic fusion wedding, please contact me for even more info.