France – Cerét Film Photography

Late last year, I took a short trip to Spain (Barcelona) and France to practice some film photography while seeing new sights. I had the luxury of starting off in Barcelona (where I shot digital) and then two days in southern France, in Cerét. And the views were amazing. It was ace in that I was able to shoot freely and casually, not worrying about the outcome. My little Yashica Mat 124G and I roamed the streets of Cerét, and soaked everything in. I confess I got to enjoying the scenery more than anticipated, and didn’t shoot as much film as I had expected. However, that’s just good reason for me to go back soon. 😉

There’s “that special something” about film which I just can’t quite name. A quality which just can’t be reproduced digitally (getting it close is just not good enough for me!), and a feel which triggers a lot of nostalgia. As for actually shooting with it, it’s lovely to slow down and think carefully about what I’m shooting. My Yashica feels SO lovely to hold, and the excitement of not knowing what the photos look like until they’re back from the fabulous UK Film Lab is strangely brilliant!

Here are a few shots from walking around the beautiful, very old streets and hills of Cerét. It’s a stunning and incredibly old town, steeped in history. I’ll be visiting France again later this year to shoot a wedding, and plan on shooting more film. A beautiful wedding wrapped in French history? Sounds absolutely brilliant.

Massive thanks to UK Film Lab, the best film lab in the UK (yes really, their service is crazy good). Their help and support as I grow and enhance my film photography skills is brilliant. Also, head on over to my film wedding photography pricing page to take advantage of a limited offer on film photography!