Friday Film Photography Fun

Some of you have been stalking following me on other social media platforms; Facebook, twitter, Google+, instagram, Pinterest etc. Those who have, will have seen that I’ve been playing with a lot of film photography. And I blummin LOVE IT.

I recently bought some old cameras on eBay, and have gone to town learning how to use them. My favourite 35mm cameras are my Leica iiif and my Asahi Pentax. BARGAINS, both of them, and a lot of fun. And so easy to use! Well, that is until the lovely Christian and Erica at UK Film Lab tell me I’ve underexposed them all, but *cough* we won’t talk about that. But anyway, my bargain Leica is a wee bit beautiful.

Leica iiif - Film photography

I’ll post some prints from this beauty soon.

Anyway, the one camera I rarely play with, is my Holga. I don’t know why…maybe I don’t trust its plasticy feel? Or the focusing (or lack of!) scare the crap out of me a bit? I’m still not confident with film photography? I dunno. But I know, like with anything, if I don’t do it, I won’t learn. So on a recent sunny weekend, I took it out into the garden, where The Smalls and The Mr were chilling on the grass. I don’t get much time off to experiment with other mediums, so these aren’t great… But do you know what? I actually do love the results. Click an image to see a larger version.

I would love to get into shooting film at weddings, one day. I know I have loads to learn. However, I am always up for experimenting, and the chance for some fun. Watch this space for more film photography; I’m quite addicted to this already! It’s safe to say, there is always a film camera of sorts in my bag. 35mm, 120mm or polaroid? I’m TOTALLY up for having a play.