Friday/Birthday Humour

It’s been my birthday this week, and I have had some ACE GIFTS. Anyone who knows me, anyone at all, knows my sense of humour can be a bit bizarre at times. They’ll also know that I have a strong passion for grilled salted pork goodness.

So, imagine my sheer utter DELIGHT when my gorgeous friend Aria Sandis, over at Crystal Bouquets Boutique (she made the vintage crystal bouquet for Corinne and Gareth’s E-Shoot at the Black Country Museum, remember?) sent me..well. She sent me THIS.

Bacon BouquetA brown bottle thing with a ribbon tied to it, telling me I’m common?


Add in, THIS.

Bacon BouquetWait – what? Wtf? Is that…is that BACON?

You bet it is.

Bacon BouquetAnd a fried egg, too.

Basically, it’s a bacon, egg and brown sauce bouquet. In a brown sauce bottle.

Bacon Bouquet-4

I always loved Aria long before she sent me this. Now I can safely say I ADORE HER.

Bacon Bouquet-8And of course, now commences the great debate.

Red or brown on your bacon…?

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Corinne Jennifer Hills

Fab present, I love it! And very you.

Strangely, I like both with my bacon, with a full breakfast it has to be brown sauce. If in a sandwich is has to be read sauce… unless it’s made with toast and then it has to be brown sauce and mayonnaise!

Aria Sandis

Hhhahaha brilliant Oh Jay Mountford I am so freakin happy you like it! I loove the pictures xxx.

Corinne Jennifer Hills

red sauce.. not read!

Kate Tolson

Brilliant Jay!

Stuart Nicoll

Want want want, please

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