Please tell us how much you charge?
My collections start at £1,850, and they all include:

Full wedding day coverage (approx. 10 hours)
Edited hi-res digital images (approx. 450)
Luxury custom USB
Printing rights cover letter
Proof & gift print online gallery
UK travel

Please contact me to view all of the Collections in full!
Where are you based?
I'm currently in north Worcestershire, and travel worldwide. (UK travel is included in the fee - any excuse to go on an adventure with you somewhere).
What happens if you get a life threatening case of something hideously contagious and can’t photograph our brilliant wedding day?
This has never happened, but let’s face it, it could happen. So in the interests of being super cautious and not tempting fate, I back myself up. I have a number of professional wedding photographer colleagues who shoot in a similar style to me, and work in much the same way as I do. They have all been vetted, and I trust them all IMMENSELY. They are all just a phone call away should I need to get in touch with them and ask them to take my place at short notice. You will not lose out on anything, nor will you incur additional costs. They will work to the same contract with which you agreed with me, so you can rest easy throughout.

What if your cameras or equipment stops working? Are you insured?
I ALWAYS carry spare camera bodies, lenses and accessories to every wedding. I use professional equipment, designed to cope within a professional working environment. I use pro level camera bodies, have numerous lenses and an arsenal of batteries/cards/film/accessories. These are serviced on a regular basis.

And of course, I’m fully insured: all of my equipment, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity. These certificates are available to view upon request.
There’s just one of you. How can you possibly capture everything?
Actually, I currently shoot all of my weddings alone! Sometimes I may have an assistant or trainee with me, they may help me during various moments throughout the day. However, if this still doesn’t put your mind at ease, you can request a 2nd shooter for your wedding day. They will have been vetted to make sure they are of the same standard as myself, and will work in a very similar fashion to me.
Our friends just got married, and their photographer was really unpleasant; always in our faces and bossing people around.
Oh boy. This makes me so sad! I don’t like getting in the way, and the only time I’ll show any hint of bossing people around, is for your group shots, should you choose to have them. I'll be very polite, clear and concise, and you'll still love every minute (and you'll still love me at the end of it!).

It’s important that you know what I’m like, and vice versa. Team work is so important to me, just like it should be for you. That way, we come to trust each other, so everyone can relax.
Do you offer discounts?
At present I do not offer discounts; all of my packages are priced accordingly. However, if you are wanting to create something outside of my current collections, please contact me to discuss your needs. I also have a Referral Scheme in place, so you still have the chance to receive exciting additional gifts!
How long do we have to wait for our photos, and can we print them?
Well naturally, of course! You will have full rights to print your photos them for personal use. I don’t give away the copyright, because you genuinely don’t need it to print your photos. Take your gorgeous wedding photos and print/share them for personal use, wherever you like! I know your friends and family will want to see them, and that’s exactly what you can do, anytime. I’m shooting on film cameras alongside digital, so you can expect to wait between 4-6 weeks to view all of your images.
We're pretty uncomfortable in front of the camera. Can you still help us achieve beautiful photos and make us not look like idiots?
Of course! I've actually written an ebook titled "Ditch Your Photo Shoot Fears", which has had some wonderful reviews, and has helped many couples. I'm more than happy to share this with you when you book, as well as work in my usual way to make you feel comfortable on the day. Coupled with my many years of confidence coaching, you'll be feeling super relaxed in no time! No idiots to be seen - unless that's how you prefer to be, of course!