How To Choose A Wedding Photographer – LIVE video interview with a real bride!

“How To Choose A Wedding Photographer”. Easy, right? You just jump on Google, see who’s wedding photos you like, and choose one. THEN, you descend into a pit of chaos and despair when you realise it’s NOT as easy as that! You know how I keep harping on about how important your wedding photos are? Well the person who takes those photos is JUST as important (or at least, your relationship with them is important). You may love their photography, but if they’re not the most social person in the world, it’s safe to say you won’t be smiling in many of your photos, eh?

Most people who know me in person, will know I’m a bit crazy. I can’t even dumb that statement down, or sugar coat it, or anything like that. I’m crazy. With little regard for “conforming to normality” (what the hell IS normal, anyway?). However, it’s often tricky for people to have any idea of what I’m like, just by reading my posts here or on Facebook, or even just reading my (few and far between) tweets on twitter. So what’s the best way to have an idea of what someone is like? TALK TO THEM.

And that’s exactly what Marianne Whooley, one of my AWESOME 2013 brides, chose to do!  The only way to figure out how to choose a wedding photographer, is to SPEAK to the wedding photographers you have in mind. Ask them questions. Learn about them. And that’s just what Marianne did.

I’m ALWAYS happy to help brides choose a wedding photographer, as I know it can be stressful. I’ve done it myself and learned a LOT along the way. Find me on Skype or on Google+ for a hangout, or just pick up the phone and give me a call. As you can see I LOVE to talk to my brides. HUGE thanks to Marianne for getting this together!