Inclusion of the “Niche Black Bride”

You know what? I would love to photograph more people of different colours. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy photographing the people I DO currently photograph. I love them, and all of my couples are pretty damn amazing. But I often feel that minorities, black brides for example, are underrepresented in “mainstream” wedding media. Which in turn, kinda makes them even more of a minority…

Dena & Andy, Manor Hill House Country Wedding Worcestershire


Yes I know perfectly well that there are niche blogs and magazines for black brides. Nu Bride, Munaluchi Bride, Creme De La Bride, and Bella Naija being just some of the most incredible ones out there. For the record, I freakin’ LOVE those blogs. I can totally see myself in some of the articles on those wedding blogs, and that makes me feel good.

And of course, this conversation isn’t just about black people. I refer to Indian people. Chinese people. Gay People. In fact, anyone labelled as being a little bit…well… “out there”. (That hurts my soul a bit. I don’t necessarily want to blend in, but I sure as hell don’t feel comfortable with being seen as “out there”. Particularly when my unchangeable appearance is all that differs me from the next bride looking for the very same things as me.)

Avoncroft Museum Chinese Fusion Themed Wedding

But it would be good to see more of them, you know? They – we! – look through wedding magazines and blogs just like any other brides-to-be, but, when you look through a blog or an article, don’t you generally look for someone whom you might be able to relate to? Someone who looks a bit like you? Someone whom you might be able to connect with, and say “oh! They look like me…and look how beautifully they’re wearing that same traditional style outfit which I want to wear! They look GORGEOUS…oh wow, maybe I could look like that…”

Grafton Manor Wedding Worcestershire, Jay Emme, Your Big Day Photography


Yes – this photo above is The Mr and I, on our wedding day. I had a traditional western civil ceremony, followed by a traditional western blessing in a small chapel, in a traditional western gorgeous country manor house in Bromsgrove, near our (hahaha! traditional western) home. Every time I saw this dress in a magazine or online, it definitely wasn’t being modelled by a black girl looking like me.)

Chinese Fusion wedding at Avoncroft Museum, Worcestershire Wedding photographer Jay Emme Photography

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luxury bridal suite, wedding preparation at Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort in Thailand


Why do so many wedding publications have to be categorised by everyday appearance and preference, rather than purely by styles and tastes?

Isn’t that the purpose of these publications? Isn’t that part of the job – my job – as a wedding vendor in this industry?

Don’t we all want to be accepted, instead of being told “I’m sorry, but you’re not a good fit, this time.”

Because believe it or not, even with all my passion, soul, love and energy which I pour into this wonderful job of mine, I hear those words a lot.

“Sorry, but you’re/it/they’re not a good fit this time. Please try again.”

And I always try, incredibly hard. I really do.

Dena & Andy, Manor Hill House Country Wedding Worcestershire