Indian Wedding Photography Mehndi

Every single time I’m asked if I want to second shoot for some Indian wedding photography, you can bet your backside I am THERE. Even more eagerly, I’ll stock up on film, too.There is an abundance of amazing stuff at every single wedding I have ever had the pleasure to witness. The stunning colours of Indian weddings never cease to amaze me, but then seeing all those beautiful colours caught on film pretty much sets me on fire. And then when I get a close up of the mehndi on the bride’s hands, I have to be careful not to squeak DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE BRIDE. Because you know, excited over beautiful goodness.

Second shooting Bhavna Barratt at an Indian wedding at Wolverhampton Grand Station recently, she let me loose with the bride, to photograph the bride’s mehndi, on film.

The result came in from UK Film Lab, and I may have sent them over to Bhavna immediately. Because SOOOOO PRETTY.

Bhavna has let me sneak one photo (because she’s amazing and awesome and I love her a wee bit), and without doubt it had to be this one. So after you’ve stared at the beautiful mehndi, found the groom’s name (clue: it begins with R), and then left a lovely comment below, you should go and stalk her.

Because, you know. SO. GORGEOUS.


Indian Film Wedding Photography, Wolverhampton Indian Wedding

It would be an honour and a pleasure to photograph your Indian wedding on film. Get in touch, and we can have a chat about what sort of coverage you might need (one day, two days, three days, more – Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and others – it’s no problem).

Photo deets for the geeks: Mamiya, 160NS, UK Film Lab.