Iscoyd Park Wedding Shropshire Wedding Photographer

As a fast growing film wedding photographer, I grab any opportunity I can to expand my skills. So when my partner in crime Claire Penn invited me to second shoot this Iscoyd Park wedding, I grabbed my film cameras and JUMPED. Now, as this wasn’t “my” wedding, I’m only allowed to sneak peek just the one.

This Iscoyd Park wedding was absolutely gorgeous. The couple were insanely cute. And I was loaded to my back teeth with pro film, film cameras, and my dSLR, ready to capture as much as possible. Yes, I shoot part film and part digital. I like to be covered in all areas! But this was just a great opportunity to really enjoy shooting some film. I’ve grown rather fond of my Zenza Bronica (used in this shot) and my Yashica Mat 124G; so I’m always keen to exercise them in new environments. And, film photography is important to me; it has that “special quality” that just can’t be explained. Not like Chandler in Friends, no, definitely not that. This is something lovely, rich, luxurious, and bespoke. Digital processing might come close (heard of VSCO, for example?) but nothing replicates film like, well, film.

Yes I’m rambling now, but seriously, what’s not to like??!?! 

So after spending most of yesterday squeaking directly at my film lab after my film scans arrived (THANK YOUUUUUUU SO MUCH for all the help and support), I’ve chosen one photo. It’s not even a significant photo of the couple, but it’s a moment where I totally appreciated the light and the setting. And of course, Nicola’s gorgeous Jenny Packham wedding dress looked beautiful, waiting to be put on for the day. Yeah, I totally got my film wedding photographer geek head on.

Beautiful Jenny Packham dress at Iscoyd Park hanging up during bridal prep.

Iscoyd Park Wedding Shropshire Photography – Special Offer

There’s a special savings offer for couples booking their Iscoyd Park wedding photography with me in 2016. If you would like more info to find out what it’s all about, get in touch!

More gorgeous film wedding photography loveliness coming soon.