Jay Emme Photography - The Bucket List


Everyone has ambitions, hopes and dreams. Everyone should have ambitions, hopes and dreams. And now at this stage of my wedding photography, mine are waaaaaaaay beyond what I thought they would be, compared to when I first started.

After doing my first wedding second shooting gig, I was more hooked than a hooked thing on Captain Hook’s hook. My addiction to wedding photography is sometimes overwhelming. So, it’s rare for a day to pass where I don’t think “ahw man…I would LOVE to do that at a wedding…” or perhaps “oh it would be AMAZING if a couple did that…”

So, with big ideas in mind, I thought I should actually put them down somewhere. In a Bucket List format. I haven’t set a deadline for these and don’t plan to. However, I’d rather they happened sooner rather than later, and I would be forever grateful if you were to help me!

  1. Shoot a celebrity wedding (I don’t even mind who; I just think it would be awesome)
  2. Nominated for The Wedding Industry Awards
  3. Shoot an Indian wedding on film
  4. Shoot a wedding featuring unicorns. I’ll accept fake unicorns.
  5. Travel to shoot my first destination wedding 
  6. Successfully shoot a day on digital AND film
  7. Feature on a “worldwide” or “film only” wedding blog (Wedding Sparrow, Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, MunaLuchi Bridal, Magnolia Rouge)
  8. Shoot a fancy dress wedding
  9. Shoot a themed wedding
  10. An underwater photo shoot on film
  11. Photo shoot/wedding in The Asylum
  12. Photo shoot/wedding in MC Motors
  13. Photograph a wedding in Italy
  14. Photograph a wedding in the USA (Vegas, New York, Boston, California – anywhere)
  15. Photograph a wedding in Africa*
  16. Photograph a wedding in Iceland under the Aurora Borealis
  17. Shoot a Scottish Highlands wedding or elopement, all on film
  18. Shoot a full-on Spanish wedding, with ALL the trimmings.
  19. Do a styled shoot entirely on film
  20. Shoot a same sex wedding
  21. Visit California to photograph my ace friends who live there
  22. Photograph a wedding couple on the subway/London Underground
  23. Be IN a styled wedding photo shoot (yes, I want to swan around in pretty dresses too, y’know.)
  24. Shoot an elopement in the mountains, miles from anywhere, a la Nordica Photography
  25. Photograph a wedding in the snow
  26. Feature with Carmencita Film Lab in their Best Of The Month

If you can help me fulfil some of these dreams, I would love to shoot your wedding for the cost of travel/food/accommodation expenses and the cost of film development ONLY, where applicable, as a massive thank you. That’s right – you look after the essentials for me, and I will most definitely look after the rest for you. Depending on which item on the list you can help me with, you could be making a saving of up to £1,500.

Can we help each other out? Check out below and see if any of these awesome story beginnings apply to you…

Hayley & Chris, Hellens Manor, Herefordshire wedding photography


So. Which of these amazing stories is yours, and can I help you with it? Or, think you can help out with any of my ambitions, hopes and dreams? Contact me here, or send an email to jay@jayemmephotography.com. If you’re super keen to be in with a chance, you can phone me on +44 7904 031953. I cannot wait to hear from you!