Lawrence Coulson “Live Art” – Castle Galleries

In our house we have several paintings by the brilliant artist, Lawrence Coulson. He’s a resident artist for Castle Galleries, and we are HUGE FANS of his. The Mr and I discovered him in Stratford, shortly after we got together. They’re beautifully simplistic, but seem to have a ridiculous depth to them. We adored ours so much, we ended up redecorating half the house, just to suit the pictures. Heaven forbid we buy any more…

Anyway, we heard Lawrence was coming to Castle Galleries in Solihull, and was VERY keen to take The Smalls along to see him painting, live, in the gallery.  We like a bit of culture in between Nanny Plum and Lego, it revives my brain cells. It was absolutely heaving it down with snow, so outside was really crappy. Even worse, The Smalls were rather under the weather, but hey! I was going to drag them out anyway. I couldn’t let them miss such an opportunity!

Was totally worth it.

Castle Galleries Solihull, Lawrence Coulson, March 2013-11

Apparently he has people send him jars of all shapes and sizes because he goes through so many. Who knew??!?Castle Galleries Solihull, Lawrence Coulson, March 2013-25

I think I’d pushed Little Small to his limits. To be fair, he’d done really well being full of horrible cold while I ran around with my camera. And he’s only 3. And he was exhausted. Needless to say, I kept shooting, of course.Castle Galleries Solihull, Lawrence Coulson, Little Small Castle Galleries Solihull, Lawrence Coulson, March 2013-91

Ok, ok; we caved and gave them the iPhones to keep them entertained while Lawrence finished up.Castle Galleries Solihull, Lawrence Coulson, The Smalls and modern technology Castle Galleries Solihull, Lawrence Coulson, March 2013-142

Was VERY cool to see the buyer of Lawrence’s fresh work actually get to leave a mark on her new purchase! Sue was a bit chuffed about it, I think…!Castle Galleries Solihull, Lawrence Coulson, March 2013-11

Huge thanks to the lovely Lawrence Coulson for allowing me to photograph him while he worked! Really hope to see him again soon.Castle Galleries Solihull, Lawrence Coulson, March 2013-177