London Wedding Photography – Alice & William, Lewisham

Many of my wedding photography enquiries and bookings are coming by referrals. I offer my clients print credit gifts for doing so, and many of my friends on twitter and Facebook are lovely enough to send clients my way also.So I met Alice briefly at a blogging conference a few years ago in London, and was over the moon when she secretly told me she was getting married, liked the way I worked so well with people, and wanted me to shoot her wedding to William!

I’ve never done a wedding like this before. It was a church wedding followed by a reception in their garden. I arrived at the house, and Alice, William and their four gorgeous children were claiming the house was chaos; actually, it was lovely. They all sat down for a meal together, with their best men (yes, there were two), then dispatched themselves to various parts of the house, while caterers set up camp in the kitchen on the ground floor. They were to be married in the stunning church right across the road from their house. Immediately after the ceremony, guests and new family were to have a relaxing day back at their home – sure it rained a little bit, but somehow, Alice and William remained beautifully calm the whole time. I never imagined London wedding photography could be so calm!

Simple touches around their home – a small bouncy castle for the children, cherries around the house for nibbles, sage green and ivory ribbons tied to various things around their home, matching the posies, bouquets and dresses, delicious little cupcakes and more. And this was reflected in them all day. They were so smiley, so wrapped up in each other…ahhhh – can you tell I’ve turned into a bit of a soppy romantic?? What can I say. HUGE congratulations to them both, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your wedding day. You? Are beautiful.

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Aww what a splendid wedding that looked. More back yard weddings in England please! Lovely images Jay and really nice processing too. Fabbo. xx

Backyard weddings FTW! Thanks loads Shelly 😀 xx

Oh Jay, this is so beautiful that it just made me have a little tear in my eye! It’s just perfect. I feel like I was there. You’ve captured it beautifully. Huge big kiss. xxx

Thank you Rachael! It was SUCH a beautiful wedding 🙂 🙂 xx

Beautiful set of images, I love all the little detail shots.

Oh Jay, these are lovely. Congratulations to Alice and William.

Thank you, Jay, for making such lovely memories of our day – you are so clever at catching the little moments that made it all so special. It was a pleasure to have you there – unfailingly smiley and cheerful despite the rain, the chaos (yes, really!), producing a beautiful umbrella out of nowhere, and even doing up my dress! Thanks, too, to everyone for their good wishes and kind comments here. Alice xx

Gorgeous work my dear! I want me some of those cherries!

Hip hip horray for the backyard celebrations!

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