Photography Bucket List by Jay Emme Photography!

Everyone has ambitions, hopes and dreams. Everyone should have ambitions, hopes and dreams. And coming to the end of my 4th 5th year of wedding photography, mine are waaaaaaaay beyond what I thought they would be, compared to when I first started.

Not going to lie – I didn’t really know much back then. All I knew was that after doing my first wedding second shooting gig, I was more hooked than a hooked thing on Captain Hook’s hook. My addiction to wedding photography is sometimes overwhelming. So, it’s rare for a day to pass where I don’t think “ahw man…I would LOVE to do that at a wedding…” Yeah ok, it’s mostly about me and my dreams, but that’s part of my ambitious self.

So, with big ideas in mind, I thought I should actually put them down somewhere. In a Photography Bucket List format. I haven’t set a deadline for these and don’t plan to. However, I’d rather they happened sooner rather than later!

Photography Bucket List!

  1. Shoot a celebrity wedding (I don’t even mind who; I just think it would be hilarious)
  2. Shoot a wedding featuring unicorns. I’ll accept fake unicorns.
  3. Travel to shoot an international wedding (Europe done – next, THE WORLD…)
  4. Successfully shoot a day on digital AND film
  5. Feature on a “worldwide” or “film only” wedding blog (e.g. Wedding Sparrow, Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, MunaLuchi Bridal etc)
  6. Shoot a fancy dress wedding
  7. Shoot a themed wedding
  8. Another underwater photo shoot
  9. Shoot an Indian wedding on film (and I don’t mind where it happens!)
  10. Photo shoot/wedding in The Asylum
  11. Photo shoot/wedding in MC Motors
  12. Photograph a wedding in Italy
  13. Photograph a wedding in the USA (Vegas, New York, Boston, California – anywhere)
  14. Photograph a wedding anywhere in Africa (OOOFF)
  15. Photograph a wedding in Iceland (YUSSSS)
  16. Shoot a Scottish Highlands wedding on film (because how beautiful?!)
  17. Shoot a full-on Spanish wedding. With ALL the trimmings.
  18. Do a styled shoot entirely on film
  19. Shoot a same sex wedding
  20. Visit California to photograph my ace friends who live there
  21. Photograph a wedding couple on the subway/London Underground
  22. Be IN a styled wedding photo shoot (yes, I want to prance around in pretty dresses too, y;know.)
  23. Shoot an elopement in the mountains miles from anywhere, a la Nordica Photography
  24. Photograph an alternative wedding in the snow
  25. Feature with Carmencita Film Lab in their Best Of The Month
  26. Nominated for The Wedding Industry Awards

Photography bucket list - Hellens Manor wedding photography Herefordshire

Think you can help out with any of my ambitions, hopes and dreams on my photography Bucket List? Get in touch. There are fab incentives and thank you gifts in store for anyone who helps me cross one off the list! 😉

(Img: Hayley & Chris, Hellens Manor wedding photography)