Photography Workshops

Ready to learn something new?

I’ve created a number of workshop styles which will certainly help you reach your goals. I work very much in a “this is how it goes” kind of way. There’s a bit of fancy jargon, there’s some technical things to know, but every single person who has done my workshops walks away knowing EXACTLY what it all means.

In my sessions you get stuck in as early as possible. For digital workshops, I help you evaluate your photos right there on the spot. For film workshops, I’ll go through your images with you once they’re back from the lab. AND, you get a complementary follow up consultation, because you just know you’re suddenly going to remember those burning questions you had. And most of all, you will LOVE the photos you take, because they’re the ones you’ve been trying to get all along. Any workshop you book on to will also grant you access to a support group, where you can share your thoughts, ideas, and growth with others.


Leica IIIf Film Camera

Film Photography Workshop - from £225

Shooting on analog/film cameras is not just a growing "trend". For many, including myself, it's an absolute love. For me, shooting on film is so awesome for lots of reasons. There's a look and a feel to the images which is very different to digital. I love the "clunk" of the shutter, and the sound of winding on the film. And I confess, waiting for the film scans to come back from the lab is like Christmas, every single time! It also gives me the freedom to spend less time in front of the computer, and more time actually shooting what I love.

Film photography workshops are available for beginners just starting out in the field. There are also sessions for the more advanced, looking to expand their current working knowledge and incorporate it into a workflow. A small selection of film cameras are available to borrow during the workshops, or to hire for three days including the workshop date. A quick way to gain working knowledge of different film formats!

Digital Photography Workshop - from £150

These sessions are perfect if you’re reasonably new to your dSLR. Or perhaps you’re thinking about getting one, and want to hit the ground running when you take it out of the box. In the Digital Photography Workshops, you will learn how to maximise use of your digital camera. This includes getting out of auto mode, learning to expose correctly, and controlling exactly what you want to appear in your photos (and how!). You’ll also learn about different effects you can create with your camera, without the need for Photoshop.

The sessions will include photographing objects and people, shooting in daylight and low light, and discovering the effects of different lenses. You’ll definitely no longer feel like a beginner, and you’ll have enough confidence to get out and enjoy your photography as a satisfying and enjoyable hobby.

It's time to expand your camera confidence and creativity!

There’s an infinite choice of photography workshops available now, and it can be very daunting knowing which one to choose. The first thing to do, is to make sure you check out exactly what the courses offer you, what you can gain from them, and what you can get in terms of follow-on help. It’s also worth checking out the credentials of the person giving the workshops – you don’t want someone who’s been in the industry for 5 minutes, nor do you want someone who is failing in what they’re trying to teach you!

Please contact me to book a workshop. Email jay @, or call 07904 031953.


Balance must be paid in full before the workshop commences. Large Group Photography Workshops will only run when there are a minimum of 8 people booked for a day course. You are expected to bring your own dSLR cameras to the digital photography workshops; none will will be provided. Lenses provided will be Canon or Nikon only; some Sigma lenses may be available though not guaranteed. Prices are subject to change at any time. “Photo walk” sessions (non-camera tuition) are available, please enquire. All workshops will take place in the West Midlands area. For European and/or holiday photography workshops, please enquire for full details.