It Really Helps If You Actually Care

Or, “How to Make Me Work My Ass Off For You”.

At Pete and Steve’s wedding reception last Saturday, this couple were in a world of their own, enjoying the dance floor whilst everyone else was outside. I’d just returned from doing the couple’s portraits, and everyone was taking a breather. This couple were in a world of their own, not giving a shit about who was watching, and the love between them was brighter than the lights behind them. It was absolutely goddamn perfect. I couldn’t NOT pick up my camera and photograph them.

Greenwich Yacht Club Wedding Photography

Confession #1: I couldn’t help but photograph them. They were beautiful, because they just didn’t care about anything else. So I took the 5 minutes of my breathing time to photograph them. (Yes, I take breathing time. It’s hard work being on my feet for 8+ hours laden like a donkey with heavy equipment.)

They later told me that they had been MASSIVELY disappointed with their wedding photos, and even after so many years (6? 12? I can’t remember), it was still a subject that made them a little bit sad.

Greenwich Yacht Club Wedding Photography

I’m glad I can take photos. I’m super bloody picky about my couples, purely because I need to photograph people who CARE about their memories. If your photos aren’t important to you, then I’m not important to you, and we can’t work together.

I’m glad I took THESE photos, because I’ve been able to maybe, JUST maybe, capture and preserve a bit of the magic they had on their wedding day.

Greenwich Yacht Club Wedding Photography

I goddamn hate it knowing that there are photographers out there who don’t really care, that there are couples out there who aren’t really bothered, and that there are people who do NOT have these desperately important reminders from such a fucking huge day.

THAT’S how important this job actually is to me.

Fact: You have to actually want your wedding photos.

Confession #2: At this exact moment in time, right now, I’m on the fence about continuing with wedding photography. I put so much heart and soul and effort into what I do. When that love and passion isn’t met with my clients, I struggle to continue. Actually, it’s a bit soul destroying. I always work my hardest on the day. But when you, my client, aren’t enthusiastic, or the photography is a chore, or you’re just doing this “because you feel you have to”, then it makes me really not want to work with you. However, if you’re like this couple, and your photos mean something to you, and you’re willing to be you in order for me to…well..capture you…then. WELL.

Greenwich Yacht Club Wedding Photography

I want to work with people full to the goddamn brim with love and passion. I want to photograph people who give a shit about what I can, and will do for them. I want to team up with people who are GENUINELY excited.

If that’s you, then I will work my ass off for you. I can’t help it. I hope I get to work my ass off, because I really don’t think I’m ready to throw away this much passion for this job. Not just yet.

Greenwich Yacht Club Wedding Photography