Rock the Frock/Trash The Dress – but why bother?

Back in December 2011, just a few weeks before Christmas, my friend Rob and I travelled down to St Agnes in Cornwall for one of the most amazing Rock The Frock sessions. Wendy, owner of the amazing MuTu System, was getting back into her wedding dress after 11 years of marriage, to celebrate her 40th birthday (40th. I swear I thought she was younger than me). To say that she rocked it, is an understatement.

Rock the Frock, Cornwall, Dec 2011-2 © Jay Mountford Photography

Shortly after her photo session with me, Wendy went on to write a post on her own blog, in reflection from her session. Titled “Women (Mothers) & their relationship with their bodies is not just about how they look.“, it’s a very powerful piece for which women/mothers everywhere will probably relate to. Wendy’s closing line “This desire, this need, to put ourselves back together again – inside & out – is not superficial or vain.  It’s really very important.” rings so many bells, and I wholeheartedly agree with it, which is but one reason why I try to encourage women to get back into their wedding dresses.

Rock the Frock, Cornwall, Dec 2011 © Jay Mountford Photography
Award winning Rock the Frock, Cornwall. © Jay Mountford Photography

The feel-good factor is IMMENSE. I did my own Rock The Frock session, and truthfully, I felt so awesome inside AND out, wearing my dress again, I wanted other women to feel the same. I WANT other women to feel the same.

I’ll travel all over the UK for these sessions; if it means that a lady, somewhere, will feel awesome at the end of it all, then it’s always worth it. It’s not always about the dress. It’s about you.