Rubbing shoulders with the stars…

This is just a REALLY quick post but I had to share some exciting news with you! While quickly whizzing through an edition of Photo Pro magazine the other day, I saw an article about photographing celebrities. Brilliant idea! And then I thought “how on Earth do I make that happen?” After a few seconds of wondering, I suddenly remembered some of my lovely friends online: Marverine Cole, Gia Milinovich and “Artful Dodger” Mark Hill.

I have already worked with journalist and TV presenter Marverine Cole (Sky news presenter) in the past, and often talk to her on twitter (and I keep a very close eye on her brilliant venture “Beer Beauty“), so I’ve approached her asking if she would like to do a portrait photo shoot. She’s agreed! I suspect we’ll be hitting a pub somewhere in Birmingham or London soon, and having some laughs with beers and a camera!

Shortly after the green light from Marverine, I was thrilled when tv presenter Gia Milinovich (gorgeous wife of Prof Brian Cox) also agreed to a photo shoot! She helped me out ages ago with a celebrity twitter project and has remained a friend since, reading my random ramblings on my twitter account. She’s awesome to chat to on twitter. She has wonderfully agreed to a laid back casual photo shoot somewhere, although I understand she’s very camera shy. Having managed to capture photos of many wedding couples who were extremely camera shy, I’m hoping I can help Gia get into a nice chilled frame of mind ready for her session! Watch out London…

Lastly, about 2 minutes before starting this post, I had an email from the gorgeous Mark Hill, formerly of Artful Dodger (think Craig David, Sting, Michelle Escoffery) agreeing to a photo shoot! I stalk lurk around Mark’s twitter account and follow links to some awesome tracks he’s mixing at the time. I’ve loved Mark’s music for many years, being a huge fan of his hit album “All About The Stragglers”, 1999 – 2001. I’ll be heading down to photograph him in his studios for some portrait shots, and then a relaxed session with his lovely newborn later on. I can’t wait to watch him at work and have a laugh with him.

Watch this space over the next few months for more news of these sessions…