Silent Sunday

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I’m guessing by the style of the hairdresser, she was having an amazing 50s do. Makes me want to see the finished look!

Yes! The salon is AMAZING and they were getting dolled up for a party. They looked GORGEOUS. 😀

The Oliver's Madhouse

what a really beautiful shot Jay xx

Siân Wheal

Great picture. Love the anticipation in this picture.

Love it. The anticipation in this picture is fantastic.

Thanks HelpfulMum! It was certainly fun being there!

My immediate thought was Frenchie from Grease! Beautifully framed.

Hahahah Phoebe, yes! There was definitely some similarity in the salon!

Oh, I’d love to see the finished style! The photo really makes you want to know what happened next 🙂

She looked absolutely gorgeous, Sara. Was definitely great to see the finished result! 😉

Great picture and I love the stylist’s hair. They both look amazing.

Love the look of delight in her eyes

Great shot with the mirror – I can’t take my eyes off the stylist’s pink hair – think it might be time for a change!

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