Underwater Photography – Model Photo Shoot and a Trash the Dress

Ok. I know, I know. I am STILL harping on about this underwater photography thing. But can you blame me? I mean, did you SEE the fantastic blog post over on Plans and Presents the other day??!? You can read the full story on what happened, from both my point of view, and from Shelly Shulman of Cakes by Shelly, whom you will have seen here on the blog before. THERE’S MORE.

The reason I’m still raving about it, is because after Shelly waded into the pool with her dress on, I was lucky enough to have two other models willing to get in the pool as well. Now, I have to be honest. I have photographed in some VERY difficult situations before, and like every other photographer at some point, have wondered if I had bitten off more than I could chew. This session was indeed, one of those moments.

However, I think the results of Shelly’s session came out pretty well, no?

Underwater Trash The Dress, Oxford, May 12-1Underwater Trash The Dress, Oxford, May 12-4Underwater Trash The Dress, Oxford, May 12-6Underwater Trash The Dress, Oxford, May 12-7Underwater Trash The Dress, Oxford, May 12-10Underwater Trash The Dress, Oxford, May 12-12

Here’s what Shelly had to say about it all…

I have wanted to do a trash the dress shoot for a while, and the idea of this style came up whilst at another photo shoot. I was discussing a forthcoming shoot with Sue Page of Ice the Cake when she mentioned that there was a pool at the photo shoot location. I joked about wanting to be the model for the pool shots and I mentioned that I would even be prepared to jump in fully clothed.

That was when the cogs starting wiring in my mind and I knew there was only one photographer as mad as me for the job – Jay Mountford! As soon as I mentioned the idea the squeals of excitement could be heard for miles around.

Now I feel it only fair to mention that my mouth does have a tendency of getting me into trouble – I say things without thinking so suggesting a shoot involving water whilst having a fear drowning probably wasn’t one of my better moments. However  I am also extremely stubborn so as time went on and plans were made there was no chance of me backing out – especially seeing the trouble Jay had gone to.

On the big day, Jay couldn’t have done more to put me at ease and as scared as I was as soon as I saw her toss her (extremely expensive!) camera into the pool I knew I had to do her proud. Under the watchful eye of a gathered audience slowly and tentatively I took my first few steps into the water – in my wedding dress! From that moment on I was in my element. Swimming up and down the pool in my wedding gown like it was an everyday occurrence.  I could have stayed in there for the rest of the day. I couldn’t be more proud of the images Jay achieved that day and I can’t wait to get together with her again to create more madness.

You’re damn right we’re gonna create some more madness, Shelly…

Anyway! Shelly climbed out and it was the chance to be as creative as possible with my two models. This is WAY harder than you might think when you have no flash, the sun is setting so you’re losing light really fast, you’re exhausted, you’re STILL freaking out about your camera being underwater, and well, honestly, you really can’t see what you’re doing. HOWEVER, I just cannot thank my two models Louisa and Ruby enough for being absolutely brilliant. Especially when I yelled random instructions at them and tried not to drown myself (and them).

Underwater Photo shoot, Oxford, May 12-58 © Jay Mountford PhotographyUnderwater Photo shoot, Oxford, May 12-91 © Jay Mountford PhotographyUnderwater Photo shoot, Oxford, May 12-161 © Jay Mountford PhotographyUnderwater Photo shoot, Oxford, May 12-146 © Jay Mountford PhotographyUnderwater Photo shoot, Oxford, May 12-129 © Jay Mountford Photography

Just thought I’d also mention, it’s possible I may have access to an indoor pool for another underwater photography session…y’know, if anyone is interested….


In no particular order, BIG THANKS go to:

Shelly Shulman
Ruby Richardson
Louisa Griffiths
Sue Page
Fusion Flowers
Worton Park

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Great idea to shoot these underwater- love the shapes that the clothes make as they float.

Jay you are indeed a crazy lady, but it was worth the risk – these photographs are fabulous! It would be cool to work with some free divers, then only you and the camera would be at risk of drowning 😉
Seriously though, amazing stuff, you are perfectly entitled to be excited about it 🙂

Gorgeous work m’dear. I love these to bits.

oooooohhhh!!!!!!!! Jay – wow wow wow!!!!!

See that black and white one and those pink dress ones – thats all sorts of blooming amazing – loving it x

That is so awwwwwwwesommmmme! Rockin it big style Jay. You marvel you!

These are ace Jay, really really ACE!

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