Something Different – Wedding Film Photography

Ohhh I am LOVING my wedding film photography now. I think I have finally started to settle on combinations of films and cameras, with FAB results (if I may say so myself). My current winning favourite is DEFINITELY my Yashica Mat 124 G. It’s been SO easy to use, it shoots like a dream, it focuses brilliantly. And when I combine with with Fuji Pro 400H film (sorry – should have sounded the Camera Geek Klaxon…), well I’m in lurrrrrve with the results.

This first batch of shots are the above combo, when I took The Smalls oop north to Talacre Beach in Prestatyn.

Now, for a while I’ve wanted to reach the point where I could shoot some wedding film photography. Needless to say, that’s a SCARY TALL ORDER. What if something goes wrong? What if I miss the shot? What if the film goes crap? What if I suddenly have a nervous breakdown and smash my camera to smithereens?

Actually, all of the above could happen at ANY TIME (apart from the breakdown and camera smashing, obviously), and it could happen with any camera. So, I’ve been getting bolder and braver, and started using it during second shooting (with permission from 1st tog, natch). Time to stop flapping, time to start shooting film. Nothing big, nothing fancy, just trying out the odd detail here and there.

And then, since I was very lucky to score a 2nd shooter for one of my own AWESOME weddings, I got a bit cocky and decided to primarily shoot film for a little while. (YES my clients trust me. YES my clients know I won’t balls it up. YES I will blog this particularly gorgeous wedding properly, and VERY SOON). So I said sod it, and decided to just go for it.

I think these came out pretty ok, right? Especially considering the feedback from UK Film Lab was excellent (all exposed great, no editing needed). So I haven’t edited these in any way at all. Why yes, I AM a bit proud of myself actually…

So. Now I want to do more. I’m looking for couples who are happy to have an engagement photo shoot shot partly on film. I would also LOVE to hear from couples who would like some film photography on their wedding day. Needless to say I’ll have back up, and of course you can have the shots as part of your collection. They would be for portfolio, so any shots which I’m happy with, are yours to keep as a gift. Lastly, you MUST be open minded and up for some fun. I’ll be honest, I’m not after traditional weddings, as I needs sparks of creativity! Are you interested? Contact me and let me know! REALLY can’t wait to hear from you.

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Hayley Read

the detail is amazing in those, beautifully shot! so exciting that they are film too. Thank you xxx

Thank you Hayley Read ! They are fab quality, right? And you’re very welcome – I’ll be adding these to your PASS Gallery very soon. Your wedding was PERFECT for shooting with the Yashica! xxx

Beautiful images. Well done for taking the leap to film, very brave of you but you’re so talented.

Hehehe thanks Mrs TP. Brave maybe, but it’s one of those things where you just don’t know until you try. I really can’t wait to do some more!

Those close up ones in the corn are stunning, such incredible detail. I would volunteer but alas already married, although I have no doubt my lovely wife would happily have a 2nd wedding 🙂

Thanks Ben, the detail is incredible, right? As for volunteering, maybe consider a vow renewal…? 😉

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