Weekend Antics!

How to have an awesome weekend, Jay Style:

Have your birthday on the Thursday. Open presents, be force fed birthday cake, spend the day slobbed on the lounge floor, because you don’t have to do anything.

birthday cake

At the same time, be featured on  Bridal Musings wedding blog AND also be on Rock n Roll Bride’s “Thursday Treats”.

Bridal MusingsRock n Roll Bride

Then on your birthday night, get treated to dinner at Michelin Star restaurant Simpsons Restaurant in Edgbaston (my favourite restaurant EVER). Put on brave face and mention you want a small side project. Have them schedule a day and time to go spend the day photographing YUMMEH FOOD. Try not to blow your cool and calm nature when they say “yes of course! Come in early, have a coffee, shoot through lunch, and we’ll make you some food too. You can photograph the food at the pass, and the chefs at work. Would you like to photograph anywhere else?” (EEEEP).

The day after your birthday, possibly still drunk, go out with your friends, one of whom is one of your beautiful clients. Get all excited again when a)  you look at photos of her wedding venue – Great Witley Church in Worcester, b) she tells you she wants some film portraits around Witley Court and Gardens. After playing on the piano in the bar with your other friend, end up being kicked out because it’s 11:45pm and they want to close up. Don’t forget to grab your third bottle of Prosecco, which you haven’t quite finished yet.

On the Saturday (yes, we’re still going), head out to Wagamama and eat a phenomenal amount of food. Again. Then head over to Lush and treat yourself to a massive bag full of goodies. Obviously, have a fresh face mask that evening.

On the Sunday, have a quiet day with family, and then discover you snuck in AGAIN onto Boho Weddings’ Best Bits.

Boho Weddings

Monday morning, go back to work designing your complete new website, with new brand name and logo. Have carrot cake and coffee for breakfast.

It’s hard work, but y’know. I think it’s been worth it…! MASSIVE thanks to Elizabeth, Kelly, and Kat for having me on their blogs. Thank you to friends and family for giving me such an awesome birthday celebration weekend!

So how was YOUR weekend?